Our Commitment to Diversity and Equitable Access in the Maritime Industry
Working with partners and stakeholders across Louisiana to ensure equitable access to the unique, challenging, and rewarding careers offered within the maritime industry is critically important to our industry and to the people and future of Louisiana. The Associated Branch Pilots fully support this effort and are committed to help eliminate barriers and solve existing challenges to increasing diversity and access to maritime careers, including professional pilotage on the Mississippi river. Associated Branch Pilots operate 365 days a year, often through challenging weather conditions, and spend half of their careers at our facilities in Southeast Louisiana and we welcome your interest in this profession. Through a thoughtful and transparent process, we want to inspire and encourage Careers on the Water and we are committed to creating, enhancing, and fostering opportunities for historically underrepresented individuals in this industry. We know this effort will serve to improve and enhance our industry, our Association, and our service to the state of Louisiana and our maritime customers.

For more information contact:
diversity.info@barpilot.com Or Pierre Beard pierre.beard@barpilot.com

More information about the Associated Branch Pilots Diversity Initiative to come. Please check back for frequent updates.

  • Associated Branch Pilots serve 10,000 + vessels annually and are responsible for the safe movement of approximately 500 million tons of cargo annually with an estimated $7 billion dollars worth of economic trade value.
  • Pilots provide efficient and safe movement of a high density of marine traffic and service a broad variety of types of ships.
  • Associated Branch Pilots operate 365 days a year, through constantly evolving river conditions including high river currents, shoaling storms and dense fog.
  • The channels entering the Mississippi river are constantly changing and the river requires dredging 8 months per year with as many as 7 dredges operating at a time which also creates navigation challenges for ships in the river.
  • Associated Branch Pilots are unique among their colleagues as the pilots coordinate pilotage, weather and traffic movement from a remote station located in Venice, Louisiana.